Private Investigator Julia Robson

“Hello and Welcome.  My name is Julia Robson and I am the Founder of – a niche service offering background checks and investigative services to users of Online Dating and Social Networking sites.  As a licensed Private Investigator, I have recognised the increased trend for individuals online to claim to be someone they are not and pride myself on offering a site which highlights these issues and appropriate solutions.

My success with this product has allowed me to travel to Malaysia to assist with the arrest of a Nigerian based crime ring who were scamming no less than 80 different women around the world at one time.  This aired on the current affairs show, 60 Minutes in October 2011 (“The Love Trap”).  Since this time I have made it my passion to help both Men and Women who believe they (or a close family member/friend) are being deceived online.  Whether it is a romance scammer, fake profile or even their own partner committing adultery online – I am able to use my skills as both a Private Investigator and Internet Profiler to offer the best possible solution to my clients worldwide.

My investigations have uncovered an International fraudster using an alias to attract female victims, countless married individuals claiming to be single, children posing as adults and I have also identified the true individual responsible for posting several fake dating advertisements in the name of another female.  These days, there is little I haven’t seen or heard about which can go wrong when interacting with others in Cyberspace and my aim is to bring more awareness to the growing problems online.

Originating from New Zealand, I am a former Policewoman and also spent time in the United Kingdom travelling around Europe working as a Corporate Investigator.  I am now based full time in Melbourne, Australia where I run my own private investigation company, Online Investigations Pty Ltd.

I wish you every success in your online interactions – just don’t forget to CupidScreen!”

Julia Robson
Online Investigations Pty Ltd