Are individuals on a dating site encouraging you to join another paid site? Be wary of a scam!

At CupidScreen, we have received permission from our latest client to share his story as a warning for others in a similar situation.

If you are on a dating site, please be very careful of other individuals encouraging you to join a different paid dating site to continue the conversation and/or view them on live webcam. You are most likely being SCAMMED!

We are well aware of promoters of dating sites making fake profiles and joining competitor sites in an attempt to ‘poach’ clients and make you part with your hard earned cash.  Furthermore, a large number of these sites use fake profiles and stolen webcam footage obtained from adult sites which are reused without the authors permission.

Unfortunately our client learned the hard way.  After being encouraged to join another dating site, the first page asked him to enter his banking details before he was able to proceed further.  Providing these details, his account is now being debited over $50 a month and unable to  stop the payments, he has since had to close this bank account completely and start over again.

ALWAYS be wary of an individual on one dating site encouraging you to join another.  Unfortunately fake profiles are easily created online and are frequently used to take advantage of the multi-million dollar dating industry.

In the interests of preventing further victims, our client was on the dating site BeNaughty ( when he was approached by other profiles to join the following sites:,, and

Please be careful – dating scams aren’t all just romance scammers looking to make a quick dollar.  Sometimes the scams stem from the very creators of the sites themselves.  Lets not forget that some of the biggest sites have fallen foul of over fake profile allegations, including which faced a lawsuit in 2011 over fake, inactive profiles. (P.S These claims were strongly denied by and a great discussion about this was held over at

Please share with us your own experiences of dating sites – the good, the bad, the ugly – we want to hear them all!

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