AUSTRALIA: Everybody knows a LoveRat. Some people just don’t know it yet. Need assistance?

Introducing – a new service in Australia catering for offline Love Rats

When it comes to online relationships, CupidScreen has seen it all.  Adultery, aliases, fraud, fake profiles – the invention of the Internet has opened the floodgates for alternative methods of deception in relationships.  Private Investigators know this all too well and so CupidScreen was born – allowing people who are dating online the opportunity to discreetly check out their Date and ensure they are everything they claim to be.

Feedback from CupidScreen clients has continued to be positive and it is clear that although private investigation agencies have been helping heartbroken individuals with their relationship issues since the birth of Casanova, there are few agencies whose aim is to provide compassion and support, whilst still offering a professional service.  Sometimes we as investigators forget the decision to engage an investigator can be an incredibly daunting one – and finding an approachable agency can be just as difficult.

Private Investigation services with regard to infidelity concerns is different when it comes to offline techniques such as surveillance, as we highly recommend engaging a private investigator you can meet up with in person, ask questions and above all else feel comfortable talking to them.  The importance of this is that on completion of the report, sometimes the evidence uncovered can be confronting and it is important the investigator is able to provide a report and go through the results with you in person allowing you to fully understand what was carried out.

The term “Love Rat” has largely been coined by the media and describes an individual (typically male) who is over and above the standard philanderer.  They may have multiple partners, are incredibly deceiving, commonly use multiple aliases to hide their deception and in most cases are outright fraudsters.

While there will always be cheaters….Love Rats supersede them all.

Do you have concerns your partner is a Love Rat? Have you uncovered information which suggests your Partner is deceiving you? Not sure where to turn?  Speak with one of our investigators today – we are friendly, approachable investigators with extensive experience in uncovering Love Rats.

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