AUSTRALIA: International internet dating scam costs woman $63,000

This would NEVER have happened if the victim had known to CupidScreen!

AN Adelaide woman who fell in love with a dashing US Major-General and travelled to Ecuador to meet him is now heartbroken – and $63,000 poorer.

The victim, 59, met a man online claiming to be “Major-General Leon Allan” who was serving in Libya, and forwarded the money to bank accounts in Italy and Ghana.

The Glandore woman also travelled to Canada and Ecuador expecting to meet him.

The scam occurred between Monday, April 16, and Friday, July 13.

Police say the scam used the website “Older Dating Online” to prey upon older vulnerable victims by fabricating a personal profile of a US soldier on peacekeeping missions.

Last year, The Advertiser revealed that 10,000 Australians a year were being sucked in by internet love scams – highlighted by the extraordinary case of Balaklava farmer Des Gregor, who was kidnapped and held hostage for 12 days in Mali (and featuring CupidScreen creator Julia Robson).

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