AUSTRALIA: Jail for online love defrauder


A SANDFORD woman has been jailed for defrauding thousands of dollars from a Queensland man she met on the internet.

Robyn Clare Pearce appeared in the Hobart Magistrates’ Court yesterday after pleading guilty to 16 counts of dishonestly acquiring a financial advantage.

The court earlier heard Pearce, 58, met a Townsville man via the Aussie Match Maker website in 2007.

From that date until September 2010, although the pair never met face to face, Peace repeatedly obtained money for the man using a number of fictitious reasons.

The court heard the money was paid via bank transfers and money orders.

In August 2007, Pearce asked the man to write a note saying she had paid him $5150 of the amount he owed him, even though she had not.

The man did not want to jeopardize their relationship but finally called police in 2011.

She admitted gambling away much of the money.

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