AUSTRALIA: Woman kidnapped by male she met on dating site thought she would die.

The shallow grave Darren Saltmarsh threatened to bury his victim in.

A woman allegedly kidnapped by a Melbourne man she met online says she feared for her life while being held captive for 65 hours.

Darren Wayne Saltmarsh, 36, allegedly bound the woman with tape, stuffed her in the boot of a car and tried to push her into a grave during the October 2011 ordeal.

“I kept telling him, `I’m feeling sick, I’m feeling sick’,” the woman, who can’t be identified, told the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.

“I think I am going to die in the boot if I stay here any longer.”

The October 18 kidnapping came after the woman turned down offers from Saltmarsh to enter into a contract marriage for her to obtain permanent residency, after they had met online, the court heard.

The woman said her biggest mistake was trusting the man, reluctantly getting into his car on the Tuesday after he talked her into meeting him in the Melbourne CBD.

“I trusted him. That was my biggest mistake,” she said.

After saying he was taking her to a friend’s house, he allegedly took her to a house in Pakenham.

The victim said Saltmarsh made her call family and friends asking for ransom money.

The victim repeatedly vomited, was not given food and was forced to spend an hour in the boot of the car as the accused drove around on the second night, the court heard.

She attempted to make a triple-zero call for help but faltered out of fear her attacker would catch her in the act.

“I thought he might get me doing that and he might do horrible, horrible things,” she said.

The woman’s hands were unbound for one toilet break before her head was covered with a beanie and she was pushed into a shallow grave on the Thursday, the court heard.

As she was pushed in, police stormed the house in Melbourne’s southeast and rescued her.

Saltmarsh, of Endeavour Hills, is facing a committal hearing charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, extortion, threats to kill and assault.

he court heard today that Mr Saltmarsh met his alleged victim, a Nepalese student studying in Melbourne, through internet dating website Oasis Active and offered to enter into an arranged marriage with her if she paid him $20,000, Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard.

In return for the marriage, she would win permanent residency in Australia, Sen-Det Glen Sharper told the court.

Darren Saltmarsh in court today

Det Sharper said Mr Saltmarsh, who was already married to a woman named Roxy or Roxanne in the Philippines, had made an almost identical offer to another woman named Jasmin, in Sydney, through Oasis Active, and that case was also being investigated by police.

He said it was believed Mr Saltmarsh was intent on targeting foreign students in Australia with arranged marriage offers in return for money and promises of a permanent visa.

A bankrupt with a gambling problem, Mr Saltmarsh had made complaints to police about how cashed up foreigners were coming to Australia and how it was unfair his Filipino wife was not being allowed into the country, Det Sharper said.

The court heard fresh details on how Mr Saltmarsh allegedly kidnapped his young victim from outside St Paul’s Cathedral on Swanston St two weeks ago after she had earlier refused to marry him in return for cash and permanent residency.

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