Confessions of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) – 1. Log on, Log off

Log on….LOG OFF!

I must be a glutton for punishment! After yet another succession of late night online chatting, I decided today “Right ! That’s it ! Lights out early for me !”.  As good as my intentions may have been, naturally I just couldn’t help myself and had a quick peek to see if any friends were online. “This wont take long” I told myself.  It was about 9pm and sure enough a sweet man I met months ago popped up to say “Hi”.

We had chatted for several weeks initially (which equates to three months in the real world!) and whilst we related very well, life seemed to get in the way and we never managed to meet. There was no burning despair on either side,  just a comfortable pair of old slippers rapport. We would discuss life, loves, work, family.  I would best describe him as a good mate with none of the complications of the boy/girl thing.  It was 9:10pm and after some online small talk it was clear the conversation with us tonight was not going anywhere.  Time to see who else was online and could entertain me.

Within 10 minutes five newbies popped up with the usual (y a w n) unintelligent opening lines varying from the blank how-quick- can-I press-the-delete-button line “Hi ” ( is that it ?) ….”Hi. How’s your night ? ” (need more) ..”Hi are you hot for me?” ..( annoying ) ..”wanna chat ?” (nope !) ..through to the  succinct ” Wanna f%^k ? ” .. (are you for real ?). Sadly, that one was from a gorgeous dark hunky looking man clearly possessing minimal intelligence!  I couldn’t resist replying back ” Err, no ” to which he responded a bland “I know you want me BAD “.    Like what they say about staying out after 2am, I’m now of the opinion that nothing good will ever come of logging on to a dating site after 9pm.

Ah, the wonderful world of online communication!  I was about to log off when a profile with a blank template popped up saying he was new and wondered if I could assist him uploading a photo? Being ever the good Samaritan, I couldn’t help telling him that was unusual opening line which certainly broke the ice.  Surprisingly he turned out to be a nice (genuine?) guy. We chatted for about 10 minutes, and as he sounded interesting I added him to my “friends” list and was ready to go to sleep.  Sure enough, another pops up informing me I may have a spelling error in my name!  Err .. Couldn’t resist .. The long and short of this was we chatted throughout the night and finally pulled the pin just short of 6:00am!

Eight hours of chatting later, I have now met a very interesting man.. Not in the “long-term relationship, he is going to Rock-my-socks-off” category but an amazing mental rapport. He’s my age, married (hence much of the conversation was spent reminding him I’m not the other woman material), claims to be living completely separate for convienience sake (yeah right !) with the typical “we do our own thing, she’s aware I’m here and has her own occasional liaisons”.  Alright, I agree.  I know the whole thing sounds pointless, yet I’m amazed at the mental connection. I have only ever chatted to someone online for this length twice previously: one remains a very close platonic (yes, it does exist!) friend, as he claimed he would, the other turned out to be exactly as expected.  The quick fling.

The majority of the eight hours was spent chatting about life in general, there are so many things I want to learn about this man . We eventually exchanged email addresses and finally did the visuals. He is of the weather-worn-ok-looking-cheeky-smile appearance.  He seemed impressed with my picture, so that’s always a good sign.  Surprisingly, he did not proceed down the usual sexual innuendo path.  Being quite articulate and of course male (not an intentionally sexist female comment) he only managed to stray briefly with a small reference to his lack of recent “good times”.

It was such a buzz to chat with an intelligent, funny, worldly man. No,  I’m not going fall for this one although I sincerely hope a friendship will evolve further. Eight hours is a damn long time in the real world after all! We exchanged mobile numbers and as I’m busy with family this weekend, we will speak and SMS during this time.. Who knows where this will lead, I hold no expectations other than friendship, so look forward to meeting for coffee one night next week. Time will tell.

Confessions of a M.O.D (mature online dater) is a continuing saga of ongoings interspersed with some funny and not so positive accounts of one woman’s online dating experiences . Her aim is to provide some insight into the mechanics of the online dating world for mature adults… 

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) – 1. Log on, Log off

    • Ms M.O.D Reply

      Thanks G ! No , not as such , though I do maintain one solely to keep track of my adult children ! Thankful they don’t do likewise 🙂 .. Not surprisingly, they believe all action ceases at age 30 ! …

  1. Rob Reply

    So when the wife was sleeping for 8 hours…he was online chatting for 8 hours….and when he is at work for 8 hours…she is online for 8 hours….hehe..

    • Ms M.O.D. Reply

      Thanks Maud, if you are into online dating, may you have as much fun as I have and possibly less mediocre first meets 🙂 .. Stay safe and be happy ..

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