Confessions Of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) 5 – Stay Alert!

Online dating can be quite a learning curve and certainly has (and still is) for me!

Looking back, I always smile when I think of one particular gentleman who made contact with me fairly early on in my online dating journey.

He contacted me by email saying he liked my profile and that I sounded like what he was looking for. His profile was well written, and portrayed an interesting intelligent man, seven years my senior.  As pointed out in my previous blog, age is not my main criteria!

He said he owned his own business, was active, played golf (the majority say that!), wasn’t into one night stands, and was seeking a long term relationship…. Music to my ears! Although with the benefit of hindsight, I now know to discount a fairly large percentage of what is said initially. It certainly is a challenge to discover the fact from fiction, and whilst some are genuine, this is clearly not always the case.

I responded to his email saying : “You sound  interesting, I am interesting, perhaps we should investigate further …”.  I did not hear anything for a couple of days, so assumed he was either busy or had lost interest.   Eventually he emailed back saying he had been away on a hectic business trip and now that he was back he would very much like to chat to get to know each other.

Back in those days (merely last year, ha!) I had a tendency to believe,  over optimistically, that each man I met may be right for me. I know now not become over excited, take things as they come, be aware, and have few expectations.

Over the next few days we became acquainted, chatting long into the night.  We discovered we enjoyed walking, same varieties of food, watching live bands, and not surprisingly enjoyed the same music: Blues, Rock and Jazz (though his tastes did not stretch to House, and I draw the line at Country and Western!).

He told me he was separated (permanently ?!), had three adult children and several grandchildren  hopefully not all living with him), and that he loved playing golf.  I hoped he didn’t believe the 29th century myth about Golf,  “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”, which thankfully he didn’t .

After progressing to text and phone calls, and exchanging photos, (all good there) we decided to meet the following week. The contact continued and he seemed enthusiastic. We both had commitments and limited time, so arranged to share a quick lunch.

He suggested he could grab some lunch to share, pick me up from my work and we could park nearby at the gardens… I agreed. …  It was probably not the smartest thing to do on my part, but I reasoned it was broad daylight, there were dozens of office workers and students, he sounded genuine, and it was a sunny day !

I rushed from my desk to the bathroom, fixed my hair and make-up, and applied perfume. I was wearing a charcoal tailored corporate skirt suit and a new red silk sleeveless top. I was pleased I had decided on black patient high heeled shoes, and felt confident as took the lift to the ground floor.

He sent a text to say he was on his way, so I stood and chatted to a few colleagues gathered at the smoking area just down from our building. I must have looked happy and expectant judging by the comments and questions!  He told me he drove a brand new black Mercedes with a sunroof, and I smiled as I saw his car pull up a few spaces along the street.

I bid my colleagues goodbye and walked to his car..  I opened the door, jumped in, leaned over and quickly kissed him on the lips…..then looked at him before exclaiming “You’re not him!!” 

Shock ! Horror ! I had climbed into the wrong black car !! I felt myself blush as I apologised and explained my mistake!  He was about mid thirties, nice looking and smiled, handing me his business card saying: ” This has never happened to me before.  You’re welcome to stay if you like!” He told me this was a black Mercedes and asked what was I looking for? I said the same but didn’t know the make! We laughed, I thanked him for his understanding and quickly exited his car.

Shortly after my faux pas, I saw the RIGHT car, an almost identical Mercedes, parked two spaces away.  It was obvious he had witnessed what had happened!  I marched up to his car (double checking he matched his profile photo this time) and saw he was laughing.  I flung open the car door and said grinning, “Why didn’t you have decency to beep your horn? ” to which he responded, “I’m never going to let you live this down!”

So much for an ice breaker !

He had bought mixed sandwiches, warm asparagus and salmon mini quiches and a bottle of water. The sunroof was down, and he played Dire Straits as we drove to the gardens (well he was older than me after all! ). We found a park bench and enjoyed our lunch in the sun and talking  and laughing and sharing animated conversation.  Too quickly, the time came for me to return to work.  We disposed of the lunch and walked hand-in-hand back to the car.  We decided to say goodbye there rather than in front of my work. We kissed for longer than I expected and reluctantly drove back to work.

We agreed to meet for dinner the following Saturday. I felt very happy and noticed he didn’t look too sad either! As I stepped from the car he winked and said “Did you realise your friends outside work saw exactly what happened?”

He was right – I still haven’t lived down jumping into the wrong car!

4 thoughts on “Confessions Of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) 5 – Stay Alert!

  1. Lisa Reply

    Ha! I remember doing this years ago when I was still married. I was in the supermarket and started yelling at the wrong bloke thinking it was my husband who had his back turned. He was mortified, not as much as me though!!!!!!

    • Ms M.O.D. Reply

      Know how you feel Lisa ! … I’d take my glasses, if I wore any !
      He’s still a good friend .. Shame the other one wasn’t 🙂

      Have fun, eyes peeled !

  2. Butterfly90 Reply

    Hi ms mod
    Thanks for sharing your dating stories. I’m an older female who is online dating and I have not had much luck. I think sometimes this is all just a bit too much for me. Its nice to know there are others out there. I am shy though so would never be as confident as you to go on these dates. All good things to you!

  3. Ms M.O.D. Reply

    Do not be disheartened Butterfly90 !
    There are many shy men out there, some who may not have dated for some time. Visit several sites, as they target different audiences. Creating an interesting profile, being honest, and taking your time chatting, certainly helps.
    I’ve had many disappointing chats and dates.. but online dating sure beats sitting in a bar alone !
    Best wishes ….


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