Confessions of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) 9: Try before you…trade in?

I had decided to take a break from the whole online thing for a month or so. I was busy with work and family issues, and generally needed to feel as though I was back in the “real” world .

It seemed strange to not log on most nights – just as well I’m not on Facebook or Twitter as well!

I received an email from one site I hadn’t used for a while, telling me several potential matches were wanting contact……. Hardworking marketing no doubt, relying on the ego and curiosity factor … Can I be bothered ? Ha ! Decided yes..

Confessions of a MOD tip: If they cant write an interesting opening line, then I’m hardly inspired to read their profile.  This may sound harsh but I don’t have the time to be trawling through the ” just in case ” ones !

My response once I logged on went something like:  “No .. No … Not really … Don’t think so…… Defintely not! .. Hmmm wait a minute….”

The next dating profile caught my attention.  It said he was looking for something substantial and was prepared to take his time.  He didn’t want a quick fling.  Feeling confident, I clicked on his profile which sounded encouraging and friendly.

He was a few years younger than me, single, tallish, medium build and from what i could tell, had a friendly looking face. The photo was taken ( intentionally?) in obscure lighting but at least gave me a vague idea . I realised later it was at least five years old!

I sent him a message saying I liked his profile and asked him to read mine and get back to me if he was interested. He asked to chat that night, but I was busy, so arranged for the next night .

We logged on at 8:00pm and although the conversation was a little slow to start, I think he was more relaxed a little further on . He said he was a widower of five years and had two independent children , and lived and worked in the CBD,

We chatted for about two hours and ended feeling fairly pleased. We had discussed Real Estate, investments, the stock market and the state of the economy as well as many other topics.

I reached the conclusion he seemed a nice, intelligent man, a little quiet but interesting all the same. I had no idea what he was thinking about it all but he said he’d like to meet for dinner the following Friday night.

Seeing we had similar tastes in food, I left the restaurant choice up to him. He said he’d make a booking and text me the details the next day …

His SMS arrived on the following day, and I was very surprised to see he had booked one of my favourite restaurants. Its the one I like to take new dates to, where the food and service are great.  Knowing most of the staff makes it even more welcoming.

I intentionally arrived a few minutes late as usual, and couldn’t see him along the barstools to the side.I walked to the bar and chatted to the staff: Chloe (from France, of course) and her friend Maurice, had a water, then sat on a barstool waiting.

He arrived 10 minutes later apologizing saying he wasn’t familiar with the parking – didn’t he say he lived in an apartment in the city though?

 As we ordered a wine each, I noticed my date seemed a little nervous. I hoped he would relax as the evening continued – confidence is a real turn on for me.

We ordered our main courses and he seemed to relax more, although perhaps it was the additional three beers he had that made a difference!

We talked about family and he said he was widowed explaining that she had quickly become ill and died a few years earlier.  Apparently they had been married for many years.  He mentioned: “I’m now back on the dating scene and looking for the right one”.  Secretly I hoped he wasn’t referring to me, as I had already reached the conclusion there was not much spark .

To make it worse, he then winked and said : ” You’ve gotta try before you buy hey babe ! “

I nearly choked on my Pinot Gris, and tried not to laugh.

At that moment, I noticed Aaron (my favourite waiter) gesture to me. I excused myself and went to the side of the bar.

Aaron quickly said:

“I wouldn’t bother with that one Love. He brings his wife here regularly! They live across the river in those apartments”.


My date was onto his fifth beer by now and yes, he did look relaxed as he ate his dessert.

” You’re not as smart as I thought ,” I said.
” What do you mean ? ” He asked, looking up with a smirk .
” Not a good idea to bring a new date to the same restaurant you take your wife to ! ”
” Err , um , … ” Ice cream dripped from his spoon ..
” Get your story straight next time ! … The food was lovely as always , thanks ! I’m out of here ! “

I took my bag nodded to Aaron and Maurice and left … I knew Aaron would take care of my share of the bill.

There was no way he was ” Try before you buy material ! ” … A relief to walk away 🙂 …

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