Confessions of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) – An Introduction

A look into the life of a mature online dater

An Introduction

After finishing a long-term relationship, I settled back into singledom: catching up with family and friends, doing normal things to gain more of a balance.  A period followed where well meaning friends believed I should find someone new and they began setting me up with single men of their choosing. During this time I had some interesting conversations and overall dates, some good, some not so good, yet clearly not meant to be. The outcome to my friends attempts? I’ve managed to remain friends with two of my Dates which is always a positive .

I imagine there are many out there in the same boat as myself:  Yes, I’m happy with my life, I’m independent, positive, yet occasionally I think it would feel more complete if I was in a relationship……..although I’m still not entirely convinced.

Certainly I do not expect to be alone when I’m old and gray, which is why I have a backup plan in place. My best friend, quite a few years younger than myself and I have decided to live together if fate deems us both to be single (way) down the track. It’s funny but he tells me “If I was straight, we’d be together now!” which is a lovely thought but is not the long term answer I need for my overall concerns about living the rest of my life single.

Recently a friend suggested online dating and my first reaction was: how desperate!

Then a bit of logic kicked in:

1. I’m not the sit-in-a-bar-nursing-a-drink-judged-to-be-desperate kind of woman, and 2. I’ve walked the blind date path and returned home empty handed.

So short of fate intervening, twelve months ago I decided to investigate the world of online dating.

My blogs are a mixture of current, ongoing and previous accounts of occurrences over the past year. To date I have had some very funny experiences together with my share of disappointing dates and conversations.   It has been a very unusual and entertaining year, allowing me to gain some true friendships and intriguing experiences along the way ..  I have made some mistakes, yet I am always learning and positive throughout the tapestry of life.

Stay tuned for a not-quite blow by blow (pardon the pun!) ongoing account of:

Confessions of a Mature Online Dating woman 



6 thoughts on “Confessions of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater) – An Introduction

  1. Hannah Elizabeth Reply

    Confessions of a MOD! I love it….can’t wait to read the first installment. What a brilliant idea!

    • Ms M.O.D Reply

      Thanks Hannah ! Sure you will have a giggle and roll your eyes as well !

  2. Liddicoat Reply

    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am inspired! Very true information 🙂 Good luck with your dating journey…i’ll be waiting for the next article!

    • Ms M.O.D Reply

      Appreciate your comments Ms Liddicoat ! Best wishes to yourself and others reading this. …
      My advice ? Be discerning…Be aware… Have fun… And
      most importantly , as Julia always says : If it sounds too
      good to be true, it probably is !
      Good luck ….

  3. Mimou Reply

    Actually, its not true I found one site, its redhotfling its totally free for women, there’s a lot of girls worth taking out your credit card for, actually it better then most casual dating site, Ive had a few dates, some nuts but a couple really sexy girls.

    • Ms. M.O.D. Reply

      Thanks for your feedback Mimou !

      I have not investigated many sites and am not familiar with the one you refer to, however, good to hear you are having success…. and yes, there are a few nutters on ever site i imagine.


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