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As private investigators we at are always on the hunt for solutions to our latest case.  Recently, our super sleuths have been tasked with identifying improvements for our website – and finding appropriate cost effective solutions.  Speaking with one CupidScreen follower, he suggested the use of video to explain our procedures and give a more friendly approach to a topic which the majority of the time can be completely the opposite.  We understand that by the time our clients reach our site, they have reached a point in their relationship where using a Private Investigator seems like a drastic but well considered option to confirm their suspicions one way or another.  Although primarily an online service, it is still just as important to us to offer the same compassion and personalised service as any of our clients would if they came to our office.

With this in mind, we have made a few amendments to the site including clearly defined background checks (for a wider range of online based relationship issues) and the creation of CupidScreen video – offering a visual guide to our range of services.  Furthermore, we have made our site more secure – it is now https://.  All payments are still processed securely by Paypal and CupidScreen neither asks for nor records any of your financial details.

We would also like to introduce our special guest blogger – Confessions of a M.O.D (Mature Online Dater).  An incredible woman with a colourful online dating history who is willing to share her experiences with the wider CupidScreen community.  We worked very hard to convince her to put her dating experiences on paper and we expect you all to make her feel welcome!  It takes guts to share these stories and we appreciate how lucky we are to have a mature woman willing to admit she may not always get it right, but she is certainly enjoying herself along the way.

On a completely separate note the Internet Retailer 2012 Conference and Exhibition was recently held where Sam Yangan, CEO of OKCupid, addressed attendees with a few interesting facts about what we can learn about someone based on their Internet profile.  We thought it was worthwhile sharing some of these interesting facts he has identified based on OKCupid members, which we will leave with you to mull over:

  • Women preferred older men and men preferred younger women;
  • Older women are more positive and have more self-confidence. They also enjoy sex more and are interested in casual sex more than younger women;
  • The women analyzed find males much less attractive than males typically find females;
  • 32-year olds who show cleavage in their pictures prompt 79% more interest from men than those who don’t;
  • Women who like the taste of beer are more willing to have sex on the first date; and
  • When it comes to the day of the week, women are most available to have sex on Wednesday.

Are you surprised by their findings?

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