You have met someone via an online dating site or social networking site and you feel a strong connection with them, in fact this person has every potential of being the ‘one’.   Your relationship seems to be going well, however your gut instinct is telling you that something just doesn’t seem to add up about your Date.  How do you know if your Date is really who they claim to be? How do you know if you can trust what they have told you about themselves?

If you believe your Date is genuine but can’t seem to shake the feeling that something doesn’t quite add up about them, order a CupidScreen Background check and have an experienced private investigator obtain the “piece of mind”  you are looking for.

Our CupidScreen background check report has been tailored specifically for individuals who are looking for an affordable solution when hiring a Private Investigator.

Don’t risk heartbreak by taking chances online.


Detailed Background Check

Are they really who they claim to be?

Individually investigated by a Private Investigator


Included in this package:

  • Identity Confirmation / Location / Address / Contact Numbers Verification *
  • Email Match verification
  • Online positive / negative references
  • Alias Identification
  • Verification of provided employment (NB: Where possible and applicable)
  • Understanding of financial position (NB: Applicable in Countries only where legally obtainable)
  • Reported Court Actions / Adverse Media (NB: Applicable in Countries only where legally obtainable)
  • Sex Offender and Criminal History (NB: Applicable in Countries only where legally obtainable)
  • Dating Sites / Social Networking searches
  • Analysis and identification of fraudulent activity + factual evidence of scam activity
  • Detailed narrative report / recommendations from licensed and experienced private investigator and leading Internet profilers

Who should order this?

  • Individuals who are concerned about their Dates honesty
  • Friends and Family who are concerned about the honesty of their loved ones Date

Typical ‘red flag’ scenarios include:

  • You have been dating for a while however have never seen where your Date lives;
  • Your have never met any of your Dates friends;
  • Your Date owns multiple mobile phones and /or never answers the phone in front of you;
  • Although they claim to be successful, your Date always seem to be low on funds

* All results are gathered by way of open source, legally obtainable information and public records.

All searches are conducted confidentially. The Subject of your CupidScreen is never contacted.

Need something more tailored to your requirements? Please don’t hesitate to contact our Cupidscreen team.