Why was CupidScreen started?

As a private investigator, Julia Robson noticed a significant increase in the amount of new jobs resulting from people who had met online and expressed concerns about their Date’s honesty. A more professional approach to offering online dating background checks became apparent and with this, CupidScreen was created.

What is CupidScreen?

CupidScreen is not just a background checking service. Operated by licensed private investigators, CupidScreen offers a range of services which provides you with the most accurate results possible, not just a false sense of security. All reports are personally investigated by one of our licensed investigators, with recommendations provided on conclusion of the process.

How do I order a CupidScreen report?

Our background check reports can be ordered directly from our website!  Saving you the trouble of coming into our office, we allow our clients to order a report discreetly in the comfort of their own homes while we do all the hard work.  On completion, our reports are sent electronically to the email of your choice. We recommend providing as much information as possible that your date has provided, in order for our checks and cross referencing to have the highest possibility of accuracy.

How do I get the results after I request a search?

Reports will be emailed to your nominated email address. All efforts will be made to be provide the reports within the timeframes as displayed, however these are a guideline only.

Can employers use the data gathered by your service?

This is a service for individuals with concerns regarding individuals they have met online, not employers conducting background checks. Employers may not use this service for pre-employment screenings.

If I use your service and my date shows no adverse information, will it guarantee a safe date?

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with guarantees. You may have been given false information, which when we put into our checking systems, results in incorrect results. Even if your date shows no adverse information, always take adequate precautions until you get to know them. For the most accurate results, we recommend conducting a more tailored background check which includes a field call at the address provided to you by your date. Alternatively give private investigator Julia Robson a call to speak about your options.

I have met someone online and they have asked me for money. Am I being scammed?

The golden rule is simple: If you’ve met someone online romantically, haven’t met them in real life yet and they ask for money – it is ALWAYS a scam. NEVER, EVER send money to anyone you have met online for romantic reasons. You will not see this money again, and you will not see your ‘loved’ one.

Unfortunately scammers work on building your trust, and by the time they ask for money you most likely have fallen deeply for them. Because of this it can be very difficult to refuse a scammers request for money and they can be very convicing. CupidScreen offers you the opportunity to have a third party professional review your case and get the confirmation you require. If in doubt…check your Date out! Protect yourself (and your heart) with an online dating scam analysis.

I have met someone online and they have asked me for a background check. What should I do?

BE WARNED: This is the latest technique used by scammers! You could be dealing with a romance scammer. Scammers are now requesting their dates obtain a dating ID Check and are referring them to dodgy, non-existant background checking companies which are operated by the scammers themselves. If they have asked to make payment via Western Union – YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED. Firstly, NEVER EVER send copies to your Date any of your personal documentation. This is a common technique scammers use to conduct identity theft. They now have all of your details after all don’t they! We recommend referring your Date to our site, whereby they can conduct a CupidScreen on you in the first instance. This puts the onus on your Date to make the right inquiries. In any case, individuals should also take extra precaution when meeting for the first time, should always meet in a public place and arrange their own separate travel there and back.

What will the Scam Analysis report tell me?

Before sending money to anyone you have met online, we ask you to do only one thing.

Request a scam analysis report from us and you will receive within 24 hours an objective report conducted by a private licensed investigator. They will analyse the information provided to you by your Date and provide a report outlining any ‘red flags’ they have identified and the likelihood of your Date being a SCAMMER.

What is the difference between the Scam Analysis and Scam Analysis & ID Check Report?

The Scam Analysis report is conducted at our head office and is based on information gathered by our previous reports, anonymous tips off and known behaviours surrounding scamming techniques.

The Scam Analysis & ID Check report allows us to go one step further than the scam analysis. A local investigator to where your Date is residing confirms whether there is any matching information about your Date on their available databases – based on the full name, date of birth, phone number and physical address.

 I would like to know whether my date has a criminal record or is a registered sex offender. Will a CupidScreen tell me this?

In most countries, it is illegal to view an individuals criminal record without their expressed signed consent. The sex offender registry is also not a matter of public record in the majority of countries. For this reason we are only able to offer this service if the law in your Date’s country allows us to access it.

In the majority of countries whereby criminal records and the sex offender registry are not public record, our investigators are able to obtain a variety of reported matter such as court records, media reports and newspaper articles. In instances where offences have been reported, this information is uncovered and included in our detailed CupidScreen reports. If your gut instinct is telling you your current Date may have a criminal record, we recommend you take precaution, never disclose your full details and if you do decide to meet, always meet in a public place and let a close friend or family member know of your meeting.

What is necessary for a search?

At a minimum, we need a full name and date of birth, OR a full name and current address. As some people have common names, like John Smith or Mary Smith, we prefer full name, address and date of birth. We often find multiple hits of a common name and a shared birth date, so a current address helps us to refine our search.

 How do I know if the subject of the search is giving their right name?

It’s quite common for people to be known by nicknames, rather than real names. If you give us the name Billy Bob Johnson instead of William Robert Johnson, we will search under Billy Bob Johnson. So, please make sure that all the information you give us is accurate, or you provide this information in the “alias” section of the report.

How do I find out a date of birth?

Most people know their astrological signs and they will generally give you their age. You can say that you want to do an astrological profile on them and ask for their date of birth, so that you can work up a profile. When you hand them some made up astrological profile the next day, they’ll be none the wiser and you’ll have the information you need for a search.

Do you guarantee the accuracy of your results?

All results are legally obtained by way of extensive subscription databases, discreet inquiries and public records. While we strive to have access to the most up to date information possible, unfortunately an individual’s personal circumstances can change on a daily basis and a result, we cannot guarantee the accuracy. For further confirmation, we recommend conducting a more tailored background check which includes a field call at the address provided to you by your date. Remember, your safest strategy is to always get to really know a person before you go out with him or her, trust your gut instinct and meet in public places.

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