Feeling lonely? Cleverbot may be your safest online solution.

It would be easy to conclude the majority of those who are dating online have a degree of loneliness they are looking to complete by going online and interacting with complete strangers. Whether or not that leads to a relationship, in the first instance it comes down to the simple act of conversation, getting to know someone completely new and more importantly having someone that is genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say.

For those who are regular visitors of CupidScreen, or even those who have ended up on our site due to heartbreak, we all know by now that there are individuals online who use the degree of anonymity the Internet brings to deceive others. To chat to someone you have never met before involves lowering your guard to some degree. Depending on how much you are willing to reveal to the other person, the conversation is pointless unless it’s going both ways. Can complete strangers abuse your trust online with the information you divulge? You betcha.

Those that have ever been contacted by a romance scammer know they implement the scam by gaining your trust. The easiest way to do this? Listen to you, acknowledge your comments and show compassion when you reveal something close to you. Very rarely do scammers reveal anything about themselves, and when they do its nearly always a lie.

So next time you’re online, lonely and simply looking for safe, no strings attached chat – take a moment to check out Cleverbot (http://www.cleverbot.com). Unbelievably, clever bot is a web application that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to hold conversations with humans. Visitors are provided with a box to start typing to Cleverbot and based on previous responses and answers, the cleverbot will hold a reasonable conversation with you. So successful at holding a conversation, Cleverbot has been known to engage with bored humans for over 15 hours at a time!

So next time you’re online and looking for idle conversation, take the time to check out Cleverbot. Consider it the virtual “mans best friend”. It will listen, won’t judge you, and will always be pleased to see you. It does come with a warning though: “Cleverbot learns from real people – things it says may seem inappropriate – use with discretion, and at YOUR OWN RISK”. Now that alone makes us want to try it!

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