GUEST BLOG: How to Spice Up Your Dating Life

How can you spice up your dating life?

The art of spicing up a dull dating life can be mastered in five simple steps:

Step One: Focus on oneself

The time for introspection has come because understanding oneself is of the utmost importance. Seeing that too much pride can suppress discernment and make a tender heart selfish, teaching yourself to open up more often is just as important as teaching oneself how to express true emotions. Consequently, as the days pass, romantic evenings will become more meaningful. As effective communication improves, resolving conflicting matters will become easier.

Step Two: Time of peace

Where there is peace, there is a lot of hope. Hope for anything, namely companionship and intimacy. Intimate moments will genuinely and naturally take place unlike never before. The atmosphere during those moments is bound to be in a passionate state, and sparks are going to fly. Blissful thoughts are going to abound, making every second memorable, precious and worthwhile. Although it is conventional, staying the night in a secluded park, with hopes of spotting a shooting star, is one of the best ways to better oneself during the time of peace.

Step Three: Spontaneous acts

When it comes to dating, spontaneous acts are the best for two reasons: First, they will increase the relationship’s longevity. Second, they will enable the relationship to grow in more ways than one. Spontaneous acts are not given to work every time, however. The secret is delivery. Therefore, timing is everything. Showing up late to a spontaneous dinner is not a grand idea, but making random phone calls just to share heartfelt words will merit a higher degree of affinity and togetherness.

Step Four: Gift exchange

Gifts are befitting to exchange on any given day for three reasons: First, they can symbolize something special, such as the first kiss. Second, they can convey a message and evoke emotions better than a candid letter. Third, they can be cheap, expensive or free and still would elicit the biggest smile ever. These three reasons should be taken into consideration when the time comes to find a gift to exchange. Using a bracelet that has the person’s name engraved on it is beyond practical, especially if it serves the purpose of expressing unconditional love.

Step Five: Physical contact

The most sensible way to spice up a dull date is to do it physically. Whether with passionate kisses or by holding hands while walking till sunrise, it does not matter. Either way will inevitably elicit a response of some sort on any date. Physical contact opens the way for stronger bonds to develop. Most importantly, it opens the door that leads directly to one’s heart, so even a slight touch of the face will be sufficient. The physical act of love is an important part of any relationship and it has to start somewhere so ensuring you are regularly holding hands, hugging or kissing is the physical way to show both attraction and love.

Louise Mitchell is a relationship councillor who works for writing on their behalf to help singles try to stay positive and open to the possibilities and opportunities that real love has to offer. Louise has herself been married for nearly 12 years and understands the challenge that modern dating professionals people face finding the time to date.

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