INDIANA: Man reports online blackmail attempt

A Valparaiso man told police a chat at an online dating service led to a threat of blackmail.

The 22-year-old man told police he was using an online dating service using Skype, a video chat service.

The man saw a woman online with no clothes on and started to chat with her.

The woman then requested that he take off his clothes. Police said when he took off his clothes she asked “you want to broadcast this, babe, and send it to your family.”

The man replied no.

The woman then mentioned the man’s father and “lets make a good deal.”

The woman asked the man to link to her personal website, an x-rated website.

Police said when the man refused, the woman said she would post images of the man on the dating site.

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NB: This is an extract of the full story.  Please refer to the original article to view in full.

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