INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: When online romance results in marriage!

Mike Wilkinson from Australia met Kayla from America online. They are now married and living in Australia.

Happy Friday everyone! With the weekend on the horizon and the hangover from 4th July celebrations fading, we thought it would be a great time to feature a story of when online International relationships work out.  The CupidScreen investigators love a happy ending after all!

Meet Mike Wilkinson from Australia and Kayla Crawford from America.  They met online last year and after falling in love, married recently on June 16th.  But things didn’t always look so rosy.  Just a couple of years ago Mike didn’t have a home.

“I was living from place to place,” Mike said.

“I was considered homeless.”

While on the waiting list for the Larissa Ave apartments, Mike met Florida-based Kayla on a dating site.

“I was actually on my profile to delete it,” Kayla said.

Mr Crawford sent her a message that led to hours of video conversation on Skype.

He travelled to Florida last year and met her family.  The couple moved to Australia on Valentine’s Day and tied the knot in a small ceremony.

Congratulations to the happy couple! We wish them all the best x

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3 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS: When online romance results in marriage!

  1. Lisa Reply

    Congratulations to Mike and Kayla! Wishing you every success and a new happy life in Australia Kayla!

  2. nicktheripper Reply

    about time you featured some happy stories CupidScreen i was thinking you loved all the doom and gloom stuff

  3. jackson5 Reply

    they only knew each other for a year? thats pretty fast…..

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