MOUNT WASHINGTON: Veterinarian accused of stealing $170,000 from mother to send to man she met online

MOUNT WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) – A veterinarian is arrested at work, accused of taking thousands from her mother’s bank account.

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Investigators said Dr. Pamela Johnsen took $170,000 from her mother’s bank account during a two week time period in August. She wasn’t keeping the money for herself and that’s why her co-workers say, she is the victim in this case.

“That’s the thing, she doesn’t actually think she was stealing, she was just borrowing money,” said Lieutenant Mike Murdoch, Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives and co-workers of Dr. Pamela Johnsen believe she got caught up in an international scam, wire transferring money overseas to a man she met online. Investigators said she stole money from her mother’s account, who is currently in a nursing home.

Stolen image used by scammer

On Monday, Johnsen was arrested at work, Johnsen Veterinary Services, a clinic she owns in Mount Washington.

“The only thing she said pretty much was call my appointments and pick up my son from school,” said Jimmie Sue Bible, who works for Johnsen.

This all started this past summer, Bible said Johnsen would tell her co-workers about a man she met online. Bible said she met him on the website, “” She said his name was Harry and he lived in Chicago, but did business all over.

Office manager Debbie Johnson said he sold her a story that his company was in trouble and he needed the financial help.

“I mean he promised to come here and marry her, you know help me with this project and we’ll make millions and I’ll take care of you for the rest of our life,” said Johnson. “I mean she was told everything that she wanted to hear.”

She said the two never talked on the phone or met in person. It was all texts, emails and Facebook.

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