ONLINE DATING CRIMES: Victims who died in the hands of “friends” they met online

THERE have been celebrated cases in the United States and Europe of  women who have come to grief at the hands of friends they met on social media like Facebook, MySpace and others.

Here are some of them.

Joanna Yeates

AGED 25, Joanna Yeates was murdered on the night of December 17, 2010 by a friend she met online and who became infatuated with her.

Her body was found on Christmas Day 2010 near a quarry, not far from her home in Bristol England.

She had contacts with over 200 people on Facebook, from the University and other connections.

Ashleigh Hall: lured, raped, killed by 33 year-old internet friend

A TEESSIDE Crown Court   sentenced 33 year-old Peter Chapman to a minimum of 35 years in prison over the death of a teenager Ashleigh Hall .

Chapman met and befriended 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall on Facebook by posing as a teenage boy.

Chapman, who had a history of sex assaults, at first denied the charges, but later changed his plea to guilty.

On sentencing, Judge Fox said Chapman was, and had been for a “considerable time” a “very great” danger to young women.

“For what it is worth, I cannot foresee your release,” he said.

He said Chapman had carried out a “significant degree” of planning and pre-meditation in snaring Ashleigh.

Judge Fox added: “This was an evil scheme very carefully brought, and with considerable detail to trap your victim.”

Ashleigh was suffocated and dumped in a farmer’s field near Sedgefield after agreeing to meet Chapman.

In October 2009, she was attracted by a picture of a young, bare-chested man that Chapman – calling himself Peter Cartwright – had posted on the website.

Later that month, she told her mother she was going to stay with a friend. Text messages showed she thought she was being picked up by “Peter Cartwright’s” father.

Since the age of 15, Chapman had been the subject of several sexual assault investigations.

Nimzay Aponte

IN May 2009, a Bronx, New York United States of America woman, Nimzay Aponte, 23, was stabbed by a man who stalked her online.

The woman and her assailant, Raymond Dennis 35, whose screenname was ‘Mike’ may have met and chatted on AOL or MySpace.

Aponte whispered ‘Mike’ did it”, to detectives just before she died.

Dennis had been arrested several times before for assault and drug possession.

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