Plenty of Fish Scammer: Cherry Adams



Scammer confirmed operating on plenty of fish:

Name: Cherry Adams

Email: cherry 

Hey it’s me Cherry
i just recently got out of a bad relationship so i dont want anything heavy!! A little about me.. Iam very easy going and laid back., Divorced a year ago with 1son he’s already 9years of age.Let’s keep it real… I tried polite now let’s be blunt. I’m not looking for the love of my life. I’m single mom by choice, haven’t been with anyone in over 4 years, also by choice. I’m looking for friends to go out, with nsa fwb possibilities That doesn’t mean I’m a slut or desperate. FWB stand for Friends With Benefits key word is FRIENDS. I like sex but it’s nice to just hang out sometimes too… 1st meeting needs to be in public. I don’t give out my cell so don’t ask. I don’t have any other pics. I’m looking for friends male or female. I dress professionally at work. I’m 5’7, weigh in at 155 lbs, a DD Cup.
I’m sarcastic, honest, blunt. If any of that offends you then keep looking …, LOL Let me know if youre willing to meet me or not so i know if i’m wasting my time and I’m from Denver and i’m free all the time to meet you…

PS : Can you send me a picture of you? So i know what you look like?


Sounds Perfect to me Hun, I’m am free tomorrow Hun but I want to make sure first that I am safe with you. I just need to know if you can sign up on the Security Dating ID. I’m on co’z I’m comfortable in safety dating arrangement just to know I’m Meeting up with legit guys and not those fakers and phonies online. It’s a very convenient discreet way to connect with people and for meeting up right away and for our safety since me and you haven’t met in person yet, to know that i’m safe with you and you’re safe to meet. This is a private dating site babe and once you are a member of this site you will know who I am with and the site will tell us that you are safe to meet and you will get the security ID from this site and after that we can able to meet once you are done to register and to get your own ID on this site. Just make it work and don’t worry it is free. I came to the point to have this because I’ve met a man before and he tried to attack and harass me. That’s a very traumatic experience.So tell me if you’re still interested to register on Security Dating Site to my other site before we meet, or to get my number? if you’re interested then message me back. You dont need to pay coz after the card page you will see a blinking box into the upper right side of the page put this ACCESS CODE “K78SPRPOGI” so you wont get charge okay ? I will send the link with the ACCESS CODE and the instruction how to work this Security Dating Site. If not it’s okay, just let me know. So after you register we can meet and have a good f*ck..You can also use it for meeting any other women from POF.

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