ROMANCE SCAMS: Identifying the true individual in the stolen photographs.

Dear CupidScreen,

Thank you so much for your Romance Scam Report – this was exactly the evidence I needed to finally accept I was being scammed.  One question though –  why do you not supply the full name and contact details for the true individual in the photograph my scammer had been using?  You provided me so much other information about them.

Down-and-Out, New Jersey

Dear Down-and-Out,

We understand you have developed an emotional connection with your scammer based on the photograph they have provided to you.  The reality is, the person you have been talking to is a fictitious character, created by the scammer and given the appearance of the person used in the stolen photograph.

Once the scam has been revealed, you may have a desire to contact the real individual in the photograph to let them know what has happened, and possibly seek further confirmation they are not your scammer.  It is important to understand (in the vast majority of cases) the individual depicted in the photograph is themselves a victim of identity theft and is in no way connected to the scammer you are talking to.

As scammers tend to scam hundreds, even thousands of victims using the same photograph, please understand the disturbance it will cause to the true individuals personal life if each and every of the scammers’ victims tried to contact them to ‘warn’ them.

Unfortunately, we have also witnessed several cases where victims of scams will attempt to contact the true individual in the photograph in the hopes of carrying on the relationship which was created on false belief.

As Private Investigators, CupidScreen will notify the individual on behalf of the victims and provide them with further tips how to protect themselves from further identity theft.

We also encourage victims to join our support forums over at the website.  The site provides the opportunity to LiveChat with other members of the community who are concerned with scams (or may have been victims themselves) and obtain additional support through this difficult process.

It’s important to remain strong and understand you are not alone.

The CupidScreen team.

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