SPECIAL ALERT: Plenty of Fish ‘Casanova’ Ray Holycross wanted by Oregon Police

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police across Oregon are looking for a man who women say they met online and who stole more than just their hearts.

**UPDATE: 26th August 2012: ABC are reporting Ray Holycross was sighted this week in downtown Salt Lake City.  The article further states:

At first she thought she was helping a guy down on his luck, but she quickly learned he was preying on her generosity.

“It was an awkward situation. I didn’t know what exactly to say to him,” said Sarah Berry, met the “Internet Casanova.”

Sarah Berry said she’s lucky she’s not a victim.

“He reached out to me asking if I could help him, help him find places to stay,” said

Thursday she met Ray Holycross, nicknamed the “Internet Casanova” – an accused scam artist whose victims said stole money and merchandise from more than 30 women in five states.

“He’s a good looking guy, very charismatic, charming,” said Berry. “His story is he’s a director and that he works for PBS.”

Berry said Holycross approached her online, convinced to her meet in person, and told her his sob story.

“He said that he’d been mugged, but conveniently he had no family to help him,” she said.

But she said something didn’t add up.

“The more he talked the less I trusted him to the point where I went back to his profile on the internet and it had been deleted,” she said.

Berry googled his name and found this website— rayholycross.com, made by victims detailing his elaborate scheme.

“What did he say when you confronted him about it?” Carlson asked.

“He told me his ex-girlfriend had stolen his identity and was ruining his life,” said Berry.

But Berry didn’t buy it; she told him to leave and refused to return his backpack he left at her house.

“There’s some travel information in here, airplane tickets from Chicago to Seattle,” she said.

So Carlson and Berry took a look inside.

“These are phone numbers of women he’s met along the way from Portland,” she said.

“So these are potential victims?” Carlson asked.

“Yes,” she said.

The bag had condoms, body spray, even evidence of his crimes.

“This right here is probably the most important piece; this is the pawn shop slip from the laptop that he stole from his recent ex-girlfriend. I have no idea why he still has this. What a stupid guy,” said Berry.

Don’t be caught out by this LoveRat ladies! Please report any further sightings to this page and spread the word!

The man’s real name is Ray Holycross, although the 29-year-old Indiana native also uses the names “Ray Cross” and “Ray Tompson.”  Other names for him have been identified as randomray1983, Raymond Daniel Holycross.

For about five months he lived in a Cedar Mill area home with a woman he met online.

“He moved in with me about a month after we started dating,” Jenn Clark told KATU News by phone, saying Holycross ripped her off.

Clark’s home is now for sale. She says Holycross talked her into selling her home, her car and everything else of real value because the two were supposed to move to Chicago together. Then Clark says Holycross took her laptop, her iPhone and almost a thousand dollars in cash and left town.

Oregon Police would like to speak to Ray Holycross who is preying on women on Plenty of Fish.

“It’s completely destroyed my life,” she said. “I used to have a home, and I lost everything because of him.”

Clark and five other women told KATU News they met Holycross on the same website.

“He messaged me on Plenty of Fish,” a woman named Tasha said.

Another woman, Michelle, said he told her he was from Chicago and new to town.

A woman named Stephanie said Holycross moved way too fast, asking her out for drinks almost immediately.

“Then he messaged me and said, ‘Oh, we should move in together.’ And I said, ‘Hey, I don’t know you.'”

They all said he had stories for why he needed money or a place to sleep.

“He messages me and says, ‘I don’t know what to do. My hotel room got robbed, and I have nowhere to go,” Tasha said.

Like Clark, Michelle woke up one morning and found Holycross gone along with her ATM card.

“He scammed all of us. He’s a professional at this,” Michelle said.

Women from Texas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan and Oregon have all filed complaints about Holycross and his alleged dating scam.

Holycross did not respond to KATU’s numerous text messages and emails asking for his side of the story.

Original Source: Katu.com

A dedicated website has also been created to warn others about Ray located at: http://www.rayholycross.com/Ray/Welcome.html.  The website states:

“Ray is known for preying on females. He has stolen large amounts of money and items from people. He is known to be mentally and physically abusive. Additionally, he likes to smoke pot, drink large amount of alcohol, steal prescription drugs, and do drugs like coke.”

Have you had dealings with Ray Holycross?  Please let us know!

7 thoughts on “SPECIAL ALERT: Plenty of Fish ‘Casanova’ Ray Holycross wanted by Oregon Police

  1. Rich Reply

    Ray is now pretending to be an editor and ripping people off for equipment and thier films and stories he claims to be operating out of tippicanoe Ind. and his business name is crossvision media he has a facebook page named crossvision media also a member of stage 32.com a film industry website. Contacted us syaing he did his time he cleaned up his act and needed a second chance bot my associate and I are devote catholics and believed he was honest about eveerything up front but he ripped us of for hard drive and our footage and sound and he is now dropped out of sight he better stay that way Im confined to a wheelchair but the the rest of my Motorcycle club isnt..

    • Leah Reply

      Rich, he is still around. While he was working for you he was conning a woman in Simsbury and living with her. I figured him out and he fled like a bat outta hell… But we found him again. Sociopaths can’t stop so he’s back on the Internet dating scene, scamming women here.

    • Emma Reply

      Rich and Leah, I dated him during this time too…even picked him up in Simsbury before our dates on several occasions. It was probably this woman’s home! He told me his name was Ray Howard so I never found anything bad about him at the time. He never conned me but I later found out everything he told me was a lie. Does anyone know if he is still at it in CT? He just made a new Facebook page for himself and is supposedly living in NYC with a new girlfriend

  2. Not A Fan Reply

    He only got 18 months, he is out and about again so WOMEN BEWARE OF HIM FOR GOODNESS SAKES! He will NEVER change, and no I am not a victim of his. But you ladies need to get OFF the internet and STOP meeting creeps like Ray Holycross. . It is sad that monsters like him are back out to start all over again. WATCH YOURSELVES LADIES!

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