What is your partner doing online?

Do you truly know your partner if you have no idea what they are doing online?

Where once being secretive with your mobile phone was an immediate cause for concern of cheating, in this day age it is all about your online activity. As more and more people learn how to log on and interact with other people online, so does the old lingering thoughts of “I wonder what my high school sweetheart is doing these days?”, or “Now that I can hide behind a computer I can tell X and Y what I really think about them” or even more increasingly, “I wonder if I google my secret desires what will come up/who will share my thoughts?”.

As an Internet Profiler I can tell you with utmost certainty that given half the chance, no-one is truly the same person online that they are in real life. Give somebody a keyboard and a mouse and suddenly they become alot braver, more confident and in some cases the exact person they always wanted to be but never had the opportunity.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be minor – such as typing your exes name into a search engine just to see what comes up, or writing a disgruntled review about the terrible food you had at a restaurant that you didn’t have the heart to tell the waiter at the time when they asked if you enjoyed your meal.

Conducting a CupidScreen on your partner can uncover alot of behaviours that are otherwise suppressed in their everyday life. Whether or not they truly believe these thoughts or simply want to act out the equivalent of an online midlife crisis, surely you must be curious at what your partner is truly up to when they log on each time?

Whether it on a forum, through a social networking site, organising a “secret meeting” or quite simply signing up with a dedicated appreciation group, no matter how long or short the timeframe you have been with your partner, a CupidScreen report may just teach you something new about who your partner really is.

p.s Don’t forget the Internet also holds a wealth of information about what other people have put on the Internet about YOU. CupidScreen on yourself, perhaps?

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  1. Bullsh1ts Reply

    I caught my partner on an an asian dating site which completely destroyed my world and my marriage. Turns out he had fallen in love with a scammer and was sending over MY money to someone that didn’t even exist. The internet is a joke – if I had advice to anyone that was happily married: if you’re partner is online then you better find out what they are doing!!!!

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